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Domestic orders over $60 ship for free!

Weiss Schwarz: Attack on Titan Final Season Booster Box

Save $53.04
Original price $99.99
Current price $46.95

[WSE BP AOTFS (AOT-SX04-BP)] WSE BP Attack On Titan: Final Season

What is freedom?
Will Eren ever be truly free?

Join Eren as the final battle begins on the stage of Weiß Schwarz!

✳Sign Card Information✳
Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a Sign card!:
• Yuki Kaji (as Eren Jaeger)
• Yui Ishikawa (as Mikasa Ackermann)
• Marina Inoue (as Armin Arlert)
• Hiroshi Kamiya (as Levi Ackermann)
• Yoshimasa Hosoya (as Reiner Braun)


The cards in this Booster Pack may be used together with cards with card number beginning with "AOT/"!

Special Item!!*
• 1 of 4 exclusive PR cards in every display box!

Product Specifications

Total 100 types of cards + 41 types (Parallel)

9 cards per pack, 16 packs per display

※ Weiß Schwarz (English Edition) does not include gold/silver campaign coupon.

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